This page will be a repository of syllabi for recent courses I have taught. Courses are at the University of Memphis unless otherwise noted.

Spring 2018

American Communities (ANTH 3282 online and on ground)
Anthropological Theory (ANTH 4065)
Anthropology of Anarchism (ANTH 4991/UNHP 4901) CLASS ZINE [pdf download]
Introduction to International Studies (INTL 1101 online)

Fall 2017

Biological Anthropology and Prehistory (ANTH 1100)
American Communities (ANTH 3282)
Introduction to International Studies (INTL 1101)

Spring 2017

Health, Culture, and Environmental Justice (ANTH 4510/6510)
Urban Parks as Cultural Landscapes (UNHP 1100)

Fall 2016

Ecological Anthropology (ANSO 271, Rhodes College)
The Global Challenge (UNHP 1102/INTL 3700)
Honors Forum: Urban Parks as Cultural Landscapes (UNHP 1100)